A Leg-up

Our fortunate family has always gotten ‘a leg-up’. In the Kentucky vernacular of horseback riding this phrase means a helping hand for getting you over the girth and firmly seated on the saddle of your equine mount. Simple, sweet, effective assistance.  Every time.  From the moment I was born I’ve gotten a leg-up. My daddy … Continue reading A Leg-up

Our Mama

Our mama left us two-years ago today. My little sister Mary wrote this extraordinary eulogy-love letter to her and recited it at mom’s June 2018 memorial service  and internment in Louisville KY.  On the second anniversary of her passing our mother would be so proud of her three daughters. Our brother, Willy, was there to … Continue reading Our Mama


Breathe in ARISING Breathe out DISSOLVING Breathe in MANIFESTING Breathe out FALLING Breathe in COMING BACK Breathe out LETTING GO Breathe in A SMILE Breathe out CLEAR LIGHT Breathe in SENDING COMPASSION TO ALL SUFFERING SENTIENT BEINGS Breathe out ALL SENTIENT BEINGS RECEIVING LOVE, JOY, EQUANIMITY AND HAPPINESS Breathe in Breathe out Breathe in Breathe … Continue reading Shunyata